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Ionic liquids are a new type of solvents composed of large organic cations and organic or inorganic anions that cannot form an ordered crystal and thus remain liquid at or near room temperature. The outstanding characteristics of these fluids, and the easy manipulation of their properties due to the possibility of interchange among thousands of cations and anions, make of the ILs "designer" solvents with a wide range of foreseeable applications. ...

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THERMOPHIL is a project under continuous development, thus, new features, properties and ionic liquids cations and anions will be gradually included...

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In 1999 Jenkins and Roobottom proposed a predictive method for lattice potential energies/enthalpies of ionic solids. They developed an approach to estimate thermochemical radius and close packed single ion volume data for ions for which no salts have yet been prepared, by virtue of the extended database of ion parameters which they provided. The capability of prediction of the molecular (formula unit) volume of new and as yet unprepared materials ...

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ThermophIL is currently a web service only. However, the goal of PATh group passes through the development and distribution of stand alone programs able to perform the calculations without the need of a permanent internet connection...

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ThermophIL graphical user interface (GUI) was designed to give users simple and linear control. A level of design sophistication provides for the needs of all the potential users, adapting web technology to their expectations and never requiring readers to conform to an interface that places unnecessary obstacles in their paths. ...

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