THERMOPHIL Description

An application for ionic liquids property estimation

   Ionic liquids are a new type of solvents composed of large organic cations and organic or inorganic anions that cannot form an ordered crystal and thus remain liquid at or near room temperature. The outstanding characteristics of these fluids, and the easy manipulation of their properties due to the possibility of interchange among thousands of cations and anions, make of the ILs "designer" solvents with a wide range of foreseeable applications.
   The limited availability of thermophysical properties data and the questionable quality of many of them makes difficult the design of ionic liquids for new products and process application. To overcome this limitation we proposed a number of predictive methods for the thermophysical properties of ionic liquids. These correlations were developed based on a critical analysis of available experimental data along with new data measured at our laboratory. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
   To make the estimation of the thermophysical properties of ionic liquids easily available for everybody an on-line computer application was developed for the prediction of density, isobaric expansivity and isothermal compressibility, viscosity, surface tension, speed of sound, ionic conductivity, heat capacity and water solubility in a wide temperature range.

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