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Research Interests and Activities ...

The biorefinery aims at producing fuels, chemicals and materials from renewable sources such as biomass.
Our major interest is the application of ionic liquids to the development of the biorefinery.

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Petroleum Technology
Problems related to crystallization and deposition of paraffin waxes during production and transport of crude oils have been extensively reported and cost billions of dollars per year to petroleum companies. Oilfield operation and pipeline design require the capacity to anticipate the wax deposition potential of an oil, often from very limited information.
WAXtracker is an user-friendly software that employs a thermodynamic approach to predict wax formation in live and dead oils and refined products such as diesels.
Given the interest that the WAXtracker model arouse and the repeated requests a fully working partial version of WAXtracker is now freely available for
The zip file contains an executable version of the code for modelling of low pressure wax formation in fluids, examples of input and output files and a datafile with properties for a broad range of paraffins and solvents.
Information about the thermodynamic model behind WAXtracker is given on the
ModellingPhase Equilibria.pdf file. More information about the model and its application to crudes, diesels and synthetic mixtures can be found in several articles available in the publications page.

Recently WAXtracker has been extended to model wax formation in biodiesel
[Coutinho et al.]. A modified version of the program is available to download here.
Ionic Liquids
Ionic liquids are amazing compounds, not only due to their unique properties but because they challenge your conventional notions and bring you out of your comfort zone, whatever is your scientific background.
Path is approaching ionic liquids in multiple ways:

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An online application for ionic liquids property estimation Open ThermophIL
TPDTL© 2017 - Two Phase Diagram and Tie-lines Determination
Program for ternary Liquid-liquid equililbria description, based on Merchuk-type equations, and Tie-line determination.Windows 64-bit Linux
 CPA-EoS for the description of VLE and LLE of systems with fatty acid esters.
 Predictive UNIQUAC for the prediction of the low temperature behavior of biodiesel.
 Models for the biodiesel thermophysical properties. comming soon
 Thermodynamic approach to predict wax formation in live and dead oils and refined products such as diesels.
 TPDTL Program for Liquid-liquid equililbria description and Tie-line determination. [Windows 64-bit] [Linux]